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We only use techniques and materials which have been proven to be appropriate for historic carpentry and joinery.

We specify, design and carry out the following types of timber repair:

  • Soleplate repair and replacement
  • Scarfing of floor girders and joists
  • Face patch and timber insert repairs for decayed mortises and tenons
  • Half scarfs, bridle joints and scissor scarfs for posts and compression members
  • Scarf repairs for purlins, rafters and wall plates
  • Splayed scarfs for beams in bending, tension and compression
  • Reinforcement of timbers with stainless steel flitch plates and fasteners
  • V-joint repairs as developed at the Weald and Downland Open Air Museum
  • Repairs to doors, windows and all internal joinery

Interventions in the building fabric are kept to the minimum required to meet the conservation objectives. Whenever feasible our interventions are reversible and will not prejudice future interventions should they become necessary. We record all our conservation work and will make these records available to concerned parties on request.